• The Company is also licensed to perform repairs on firearms. The Company’s resident Armourer has 13 years of experience in this field and thus places the Company in an excellent position to provide after-sales services to clients. This is further enhanced by the availability of a well-stocked spare part collection and a cordial relationship with numerous manufacturers, allowing repairs to be done more quickly and using only original, quality parts.
  • In addition to the above, the Company stocks all sorts of accessories for gun owners, again with a mix of local and foreign products to cater for all financial abilities and to provide the widest choice possible to clients. Among others, the Company retails gun bags, belts, holsters, grips, oils and clothing.
  • For items that are rare or made to order according to a specific set of client instructions, we have also begun a service to source such items. Using related experience as a guideline, the Company is seeking to capture the niche market for high quality accessories amongst the gun-owners in the country. Having a complement of managers and employees who are well-versed in English also contributes to the rapidity and efficiency of sourcing premium items unavailable elsewhere.